Integrating Nutanix with Solarwinds


Solarwinds is common network monitoring tool.  This guide goes over how to setup Nutanix to work with Solarwinds.

Step 1 – Nutanix SNMP Configuration

Click the gear -> SNMP

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Click on “users” and then “new user”

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In 4.1.1 AES/SHA are the only options.  Prior to this you could select DES and MD5.  You should use AES/SHA for the highest level of security.

The keys themselves are up to you.  You can set these to anything, just make sure you save them for use in Solarwinds!  In this example I used “12341234” for both.


Step 2 – Solarwinds configuration

Open the Orion Console and hit “settings” in the top right.  Choose “Discovery Central”

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Next choose “discovery my network”

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Make sure to add the SNMPv3 credentials!

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The Password/Key here is what you set in Prism.  AES128 is the correct option (there is also 192 and 256 but they won’t work).

Continue through the wizard until you reach the IP page.  Fill out the correct IP range for your CVMs here

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Finish out the wizard and run the discovery.  This will automatically bring you to another wizard to import the discovered modules into solar winds.  In the end your node list should look like this:

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As you can see CVM C is there twice because it owns the external IP.  At this point you have basic CVM reporting – CVM up/down, restarts and outages.

You can then configure a universal poller and assign them to the Nutanix nodes.

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