How to configure IPMI Active Directory Authentication for Supermicro platforms

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This document describes how to set up Active Directory based authentication for IPMI access.


Login with the ADMIN account

Click configuration in the list of available options:

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Select “Active Directory” in the left pane

Click the link to enter the Active Directory configuration screen (screenshot below)

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Click the check box option to enable Active Directory authentication and configure Active Directory settings as desired. Below is an example: NOTE: The default Time Out is set at 0 which will result in a “HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error”. Make sure to update it to 10.

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Configure the Role Group (be sure that it matches an existing AD group name)

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In the above example, the user is in a group named identically to the name of the role group used in the IPMI web console:

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When logging into the IPMI web console use the following format to log in:   username@domain

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